Design-It is a tool helping teachers to design training that shows results on the job. The tool delivers practical learning goals, motivating feedback and powerful learning activities. Simply said, with Design-It you create an integrated perspective for real impact and you avoid time-wasters.

What do learners need to get out of this course? Identifying situational factors like learning needs,  subject and learner characteristics will provide the learning goals that set you on the right track.

Motivating feedback
How do you and the learner know that set goals have been achieved? Identifying succesful goal achievement will inform you how to steer and motivate learners to achieve the learning goals. The learner is motivated to put in energy when he/she sees how efforts advance goal achievement.

Learning activities
What must you do to achieve the set goals? Identifying the necessary mix of learning, doing, observing, researching, working together, reflecting, evaluating etc. will make you and your learners actually achieve the learning goals.