Training/educational institutes

Start delivering more customer value. Discover how to exploit the potential of both conventional and technology based training. Learn how to link legal traing to workplace requirements. In short, make education, training and trainers significantly more effective, efficient and  motivating.

Get learning expertise
Projects may range from a needs analysis to the delivery of a start to finish e-learning environment. TrainWell helps organisations prepare benefit-costs analysis. TrainWell’s train-the-trainer programmes  deliver legal experts able to provide job focused training.

Are you customer-centric? 
Focus on  how to power your client’s successs. Distinguish yourself by penetrating into your client’s legal learning needs. Provide the innovative instructional tools and strategies that fill their performance gaps. Fulfill your clients’ expectations with “more learning bang for their buck”.

Challenge the status quo
Your offering should be recommended by learners to their peers. TrainWell’s legal and instructional expertise helps you to crack the innovative improvements and solutions that bring out people’s potential. Stand out in the crowd: Be the place where they celebrate legal minds.