The 10 secrets for TrainWell’s success


1. Legal experience 25 Years global consulting and lecturing.
2. Revolutionary approach Focus on learning outcomes instead of on learning inputs; learning outcomes are measured improvements achieved in the working place.
3. Unforgiving Only practice-proven pedagogic processes steer instructional activity choices. 
4. Pillars for profit Make learning:

  1. Effective
  2. Efficient
  3. Motivating
5. Actionable knowledge  Relentlessly zoom in on legal problem solving competence; not merely on legal knowledge.
6. Learning = working  Translating the professional’s working reality into the learning environment.
7. Whole design view whole picture  approach to  learning and instruction; all elements interact:  learner, instructor, instructional material and learning/working environment.
8. Attitude to work needs-based and hands-on problem solving
9. Attitude to clients
  1.  Listening →  analyzing  →  acting → assessing
  2. TrainWell only wins when the client wins.
10. Attitude to everyone Learning never stops …