No idea hòw effective your current learning and instruction is? Now you can “see” learning impact. SnapShot evaluates learning and teaching in organisations. This analytical tool breaks down and visualises the actual  learning effects occurring in conventional and technology-based learning.

Your current learning situation
SnapShot provides clear insight in the didactic quality of face-to-face, blended, and online learning. This transparancy exposes the strong features and pinpoints to potential problems. SnapShot provides the information to make the relevant choices.

Your goal
Next, SnapShot provides clear options on how to improve the quality of your current organisational learning. What-if scenario’s including timetables and resource requirements allow for choices that are customized to your organisation.

Let’s move …
Avoid fragmentation. Educational variables pull into different directions. SnapShot’s focus is to provide a coherent approach to improve legal learning. You are in control: move the learning elements into positions of your choice to reach your destination.