Learning networks

Legal specialists might lack time or interest to join formal learning sessions like courses. However, they want to keep their expertise expanding and remain up-to-date. They  would be interested in learning by exchanging and creating new knowledge with peers in a community of practice.

What is a legal learning network?
“Old pros don’t take classes”. Enter legal learning networks. A legal learning network is a customized online social network; it facilitates non-formal learning for legal professionals with similar interests. Such networks can mobilise expertise from more than one organisation or country.

How do they learn?
To ensure that peers experience their time investment as valuable, legal learning networks need to be effective, efficient and motivating learning environments. TrainWell developed practice-proven models that ensure a high return on time invested by users.

Circulate new expertise
Increasingly, specialists prefer learning from peers in online communities of practice to help each other advance. No other learning method can match this pinpointing effect. Specialists interested in setting up a legal learning network contact TrainWell on this 21-century learning approach.