Show me the money!

You expect your organisation to be able to justify its investments. However, organisations often fail to validate the effectiveness of investments in training. Reason: lack of knowhow to measure impact from training. Result: most training is a waste but “luckily” no one will find out.

It is the result, stupid!
Too often organisations boast about their training’s input. More helpful, though, would be to focus on the resulting output of training. To measure is to know. But how to measure training results? Relatively simple ways exist to measure the return on learning investements.

Track investment impact
In this workshop you will learn how to measure five relevant outcomes as they directly relate to your learning investments: (1) learning results, (2) individual performance, (3) organisational performance, (4) return-on-investment and (5) intangible benefits.

Benefit: transparancy
You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Your take-home will be the ability to measure return of learning investments. This enables  you to (1)  pinpoint training shortcomings and  (2) make motivated choices in allocating resources between learning and other organisational opportunities.