Tools: Shortcuts to results

Does your legal learning deliver the wonders you envisioned? If not, get these smart analytic tools to diagnose, repair or design legal learning: SnapShot visualises effectiveness of learning features. Fix-It repairs underperforming learning. Design-It achieves results.

What is hidden?
SnapShot provides a clear picture of the actual learning processses present in legal courses or education. What contributes and what detracts? Now you can optimize learning resources and outcomes by analysing visualised learning processes.

Repair the faults
Fix-It is the solution to learning programs that do not function as desired. This repair tool provides smart methods to (1) diagnose the underperformance and (2) improve insufficient learning in the legal course, education or training.

Achieve impact
Design-It provides the one-stop solution for succesful legal learning and training. This field-tested guide for  training design includes the complete recipe for stunning succes in legal practice: all vital cognitive, motivational and organisational ingredients are addressed.