What if your face-to-face, blended or online learning does not fulfill expectations? Its impact is simply disappointing. You might consider “repairing” the learning service:  making sure it “works” again. The Fix-It tool repairs underperformance by re-connecting learning system and goals.

Integrated system
Fix-It re-balances interaction between learning products, processes and people within an organisation. Fix-It (1) considers the learning product, the learner and the organisation and  (2) focuses on relations with the people involved.

Fix-It analyses and repairs causes of friction  in the learning product, learner and  organisation that prevent internal consistency. Examples: poor learning design, ill-performing technology, lacking motivation or e-skills, insufficient transfer management.

Relational approach
Fix-It ensures that (1) those involved in the execution of learning  are appropriately oriented, trained, motivated and managed to ensure full cooperation at all times (2) those impacted by learning are appropriately involved, oriented and “kept aboard”.