Although legal organisations invest substantial amounts in training their workforce, little of these efforts seem to deliver workplace performance benefits (see McKinsey). Often learning investments are an expensive waste. TrainWell helps management converting learning into job performance.

Two causes are responsible for the low learning results: (1) ex-trainees’ failure to apply their learning on the job (2) management’s lack of instruments to measure learning impact. These workshops help managers to translate learning into benefits.

Apply what you learned
To repair the disconnection between learning and working environment, this “Improve Job Results” workshop provides managers and trainers with a practice-proven framework to ensure ex-trainees implement their new competences on the job.

Show me the money
In the “Show Me The Money” workshop managers acquire smart techniques to measure impact from learning investments. Such techniques facilitate transparancy, accountability and cost-effectiveness of learning investments: Managers can increase control, justify costs and optimize the investements.