Speaking of legal learning

Need an engaging and invigorating conference speaker on legal training or education?  Invite TrainWell. Your audience’s take-home is improved return on learning: How to make learning more effective, efficient or more motivating. Current popular topics:

Legal corporate academies
How can your dedicated legal educational centre work for you? What are the do’s and the don’ts? How to translate the mother-organisation’s strategy into concrete learning experiences?  Get answers to your critical questions. 

Transfer of legal learning
Doubtless the most crucial factor for success in legal learning is transfer of learning: how to move learning to the workplace and make sure it is applied.  In legal circles it is the most ignored topic… at a tremendous cost. Get informed!

Internet and legal learning
How to marshal internet technologies for legal competence development? Organisations waste substantial resources on e-learning and social media for legal learning. How to avoid the pitfalls and understand the crucial factors for success? Actually, the core message is surprisingly simple…