Exceed expectations, even your own

TrainWell provides one-day workshops for legal experts, designers and managers. They learn to  (1) optimize learning and training and (2) translate learning into individualised and organisational benefits. The workshops focus respectively on delivery, design and profit.

Delivery: Lecture with brain and gusto
The train-the-lecturer workshops focus on improving the actual delivery of lectures to learners. Teaching as mediating learning: Legal experts will master esential lecturing techniques for transfering legal expertise effectively, efficiently and in a motivating manner “into” the learner.

Design: ensure impact
The design workshops focus on design and development of courses, curricula, e-learning etc. These workshops are intended for legal subject matter specialists  responsible for tackling effective, efficient and motivating learning services.

Profit: reap benefits
The profit workshops for managers focus on: (1) ensuring learning achievements show up at work and (2) measuring the return on investments in learning. Both workshops enable managers to maximize impact of legal learning on the organisation’s bottom line.