When is training effective?

Today’s legal instruction too often focuses on transmitting legal content and theory. But what is needed is acquiring new job expertise; exposing learners to (lot’s of) information does not develop expertise. TrainWell corrects this deficiency by having job performance requirements steer training. 

Training is working
TrainWell translates the legal professional’s reality into its learning design. We strengthen learners’ problem solving capabilities under varying circumstances … until learners prove being competent at applying their new competences in their workplace.

Required: Competent experts
Legal experts often lack instructional know-how. As a result, legal trainers regularly fail to transfer their competence to trainee ànd to the trainee’s working environment. TrainWell ensures both kinds of transfer during learning and training.

Silver bullet?
TrainWell  does not believe in silver bullets: media (new or old) as such do not influence training effectiveness; instructional design does. Media are merely distributive means. TrainWell’s focus is on the instructional knowhow in using (digital) means of delivery.

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