Effective lecturing

Legal experts are often frustrated about their lecturing performance. They feel not in control of  the instructional process; they were never taught instructional skills. Teaching is not about imparting knowledge. Teaching is about making “learning” possible, i.e. facilitating learning processes.

Your takeaway
In this workshop legal experts will acquire instructional techniques in providing effective and efficient instruction. These techniques are based on a systematic approach to instruction. This will enable you to move minds from a state of ignorance to a state of expertise.

Understanding in action
True understanding arrives through practice. During the workshop you will thoroughly practice a unique ten-step procedure. This procedure was developed from research-based and practice-proven instructional techniques. The workshop includes personalised post-workshop coaching.

Deliver with impact
Stop transmitting legal information: In one day you will master the actionable recipes to teach with impact. You will be able to deliver engaging, memorable and effective training lectures: moving minds from ignorance to expertise.