Improve job results

Henry Mintzberg said: “Do not send a changed person back into an unchanged organisation, but we always do”. After training employees return to their job.Here they often act as if no training happened; most of what they learned is soon  forgotten. How to prevent such waste? Answer: Use it or lose it!

Transfer of learning
Transfer of learning ensures that competences acquired during education or training are actually applied upon return to the job. This often fails. Research shows that the role of management us crucial in whether transfer of learning is successful or fails.

How to let them “use” it
In this workshop you will first be acquinted with the causes for unscuccessful transfer of learning. Next, you  will learn and practice the really simple steps to ensure succesful transfer of learning to the job does take place. The workshop includes personalised post-workshop coaching.

Result: ROI up
Your take-home will be first the ability ensuring that learners will apply their newly learned competences on the job.  Second, as a result you will contribute to a strong increase in the return on investments in learning.