The learning specialist for legal specialists

TrainWell is the “go-to” change agent for improving legal instruction and training. It delivers results by partnering with legal organisations and individuals to link learning to performance. We ensure that deep learning: (1)  actually happens, (2) is anchored in the learner and (3) is applied at work.

Workplace-integrated learning
First, TrainWell translates the needs of the legal organisation into workfloor requirements. Next, TrainWell aligns training to workfloor requirements. This alignment ensures aimed-for outcomes, engaged learners and high ROI.

Disruptive learning impacts business 
TrainWell’s innovative and  unconventional approach guarantees high impact on work: learning focus is (1) needs-aligned (2) practice-based and (3)  learner-centered. Stakeholders experience a boost in the return on investment in conventional and technology supported learning.

TrainWell is operated by an accomplished veteran in legal instruction: Ephraim Fuks is a certified legal learning specialist. After a succesful legal career, he decided to break the mould of poor returns from training. Now his pedagogical expertise guarantees effective, efficient and motivating learning.