Instructional technology: JUMP!

Most legal training and education still operate in the traditional manner basically unchanged over centuries. The legal sector missed out on substantial productivity leaps due to (1) ignorance and (2) apprehension about legal learning technologies.

Ignorance: missed the boat
Legal internet courses are at best  “translations” of conventional instruction. Such courses are often nor effective, nor efficient and certainly not motivating. Expect frustration and a waste of resources but not job performance improvement.

Misguided apprehension and embarrasment
Legal specialists are not instructional technology experts. Nonetheless, when it comes to modern legal training,  legal educators often feel a misguided apprehension and embarrasment expressing “just-leave-it-to-us” soothing reactions. Do not expect any job performance improvement.

 The way forward: jump and benefit
TrainWell opposes technology for technology’s sake. But lawywers must overcome their unfounded hesitation and resistance. They must initiate effective, efficient and motivating IT-learning solutions. Otherwise, they will miss out on a decent return on learning investments and satisfied learners.