Why instructional knowhow?

Legal training without instructional knowhow is like a brain professor removing a brain tumor without surgical knowhow. Succesful legal instruction merges (1) legal expertise (content) and  (2) instructional knowhow (process). This ensures transportation of legal expertise “into” the learners.

Legal expertise: present
Legal (training) organisations usually have sufficient access to  legal expertice. Problems start when the legal expert is also made responsible for moving legal expertise “into” the learners. Now, the absence of a mission-critical and non-legal competence becomes apparent.

“Moving” expertise: insufficient
The legal expert is not schooled in the mechanisms of what it takes to learn: he/she lacks the intellectual and motivational tools to instruct, i.e. succesfully move legal expertise “into” the learners. Result: (1) no increase in learner’s competence, (2) wasted resources and (3) frustrated participants.

Call in the “moving” experts
TrainWell specialises in transporting legal competence. TrainWell speaks the languages of the legal expert, the legal learner and the instructional expert. Result: effective, efficient and motivating learning plus satisfied participants and a succesful organisation.