Foundations of TrainWell’s instructional services

Transfer of legal expertise to individuals requires cognitive, motivational and experiential knowhow. TrainWell aims to improve learner’s problem solving competence, not merely legal knowledge. TrainWell focuses on (1) integration (2) motivation and (3) social interaction.

Transfering integrated knowledge, skills and attitudes
TrainWell introduces practice-proven design models like 4-CID to the world of law. Such models integrate knowledge, skills and motivation. These elements allow learners to build complex on-the-job competences. The models integrate any blend of conventional and digital/network-based media.

TrainWell considers learner’s motivation, involvement and value giving as both critical and  challenging issues. Clients benefit from TrainWell’s solutions like motivation management skills.

Social learning networks
Apart from training, TrainWell addresses learning needs of legal  professionals through personal interaction and social media. High-level legal experts benefit from “learning networks” to develop, share and acquire legal expertise by interacting with peers.