Ephraim Fuks

Ephraim Fuks brings a wealth of experience by merging legal competence improvement with instructional know-how. He has built a 25-year record of training legal professionals from more than 130 countries. His credo: merge learning knowhow with the client’s legal knowhow.

Pioneering competence development
In 1989 Ephraim co-founded the International Tax Academy In 1999 he developed the first global e-learning course on international tax for the Amsterdam Free University. In 2012 he developed the first legal instruction strategy model. He is a go-getter preferring  challenging situations.

Legal hybrid
A recognized maven on legal instruction, Ephraim influenced legal training by emphasizing (1) instructional features, (2) workplace results and (3) motivation management. He is an experienced consultant and featured speaker on professional performance improvement strategies.

TrainWell: inspiration from frustration
In 2013 Ephraim founded TrainWell observing that: (1) excellent legal experts fell short in delivering succesful training outcomes and (2) investments in legal training delivered a poor return on investment. It was about time to seriously upgrade the learning in “legal learning”.