Ephraim Fuks

Ephraim Fuks brings a wealth of experience by merging legal competence improvement with instructional know-how. He has built a 25-year record of training legal professionals from more than 130 countries. His credo: merge learning knowhow with the client’s legal knowhow.

Pioneering competence development
In 1989 Ephraim co-founded the International Tax Academy In 1999 he developed the first global e-learning course on international tax for the Amsterdam Free University. In 2012 he build the first legal instruction strategy model. In 2021 he upgraded this model: the first e-learning design framework for law/tax training and education.

Three pillar focus
Ephraim is a consultant and featured speaker on “how-to” professional performance improvement. He emphasizes three pillars underlying effective, efficient and engaging legal/tax training and education:  (1) instructional features, (2) workplace results and (3) motivation management. He

TrainWell: inspiration from frustration
In 2013 Ephraim founded TrainWell observing that: (1) excellent legal experts fell short in delivering succesful training outcomes and (2) investments in legal training delivered a poor return on investment. It was about time to upgrade the learning in “legal learning”.