Motivation’s role in learning

Training or education that does not engage the learner is a waste of everyone’s time and money. One learns little from it. TrainWell addresses  motivation during two phases of training or education:

  1. during learning: trainee’s are genuinely engaged;
  2. back at work: ex-trainee’s strive to apply their new competence.

One cannot learn against one’s will
Motivation is like fuel in a person’s “learning engine”. No fuel => no learning. The learner’s attitude is critical for his or her achievement. TrainWell treats the managing of learner’s motivation as an essential learning ingredient; it underlies all training design. No motivation means no results.

Manage the “spark”
TrainWell optimize learner’s concentration by managing the vital motivational factors. Engaging, authentic and challenging instruction stimulates the professional to discover, explore and conquer new territories of personal potential.

Meanwhile … back at work
The ex-trainee is to apply the new competence at work. TrainWell assists in ensuring that returning trainees find their work environment favourable to using their newly acquired competences. This prevents wasted training investments and frustrated trainees.

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