Training from start to finish

TrainWell assists organisations in providing a complete training package for blazing legal performance. Focus is on interaction between (1) people, (2) products and (3) processes.

Trainwell starts by identifying organisational training needs: Clarifying whether and to what extent training could indeed provide an improvement of organisational results. What is the real value creation? At the outset this sets realistic expectations for all stakeholders.

Core issues
Next, TrainWell determines who needs training, what needs to be trained and how the training should take place. To ensure impact on job performance, we stress (1) instructional design, and (2) transfer of learning to the working place.

Finalize training
TrainWell (1) optimizes design, development and implementation of required training (2) determines the right blend of delivery technologies like e-learning and (3) evaluates the results of the training to make needed adaptations.