Learning expertise: preventing waste

Learners often cannot retrieve what they have learned 24 hours after learning. Why? Succesful legal learning requires both legal ànd learning expertise. Learning expertise is often neglected. TrainWell focuses on the three pillars of learning: (1) cognition, (2) motivation and (3) social influences.

If learning would be driving a car, cognition would be the engine. Cognitive processes build neurological structures underlying new expertise.  The resulting cognitive structure provides the enduring basis for the learner to retrieve and apply the new expertise.

If learning would be driving a car, motivation would be the fuel. No fuel means no driving. If learners are not motivated, even the best instruction has no effect.  Learners must “want” to  constantly engage with the instruction. Teacher and learning designer ensure learner’s motivation remains high.

Social influence
If learning would be driving a car, social influence would be the interaction with traffic. Interacting with peers, teachers and specialists provides the experience needed for fledgling expertise to develop, settle and thus become available in daily practice.