TrainWell’s knots

To make projects succesful, TrainWell provides clients with the best possible expertise. Depending on the project’s needs, the experts, most suitable for the tasks, are selected to form a customized team called a knot.

Knotwork works!
A knot is a temporary collaboration of trusted experts dedicated to succesfully finalize one project. TrainWell configures knots from its global network of experts. Knots can range from a single IT-specialist to a global team of instructional designers.

Tying the knot
In close consultation with the client, TrainWell selects  the appropriate combination of expertise. The choice varies according to clients’ needs, resource availability and organisational culture. Knots are strong networks uniquely dedicated to the client’s needs

Untying the knot
The temporary nature of a knot does not mean that clients loses the benefit of the knot  once the project has ended. Depending on the need,  untied knots can be retied or adapted. This ensures clients always benefit from the best customized expert team.