Legal education


Location: Australia, Canberra

Date: 9 to 11 March 2011

Event for legal professionals working in the evolving Public Sector environment, will aim to discuss effective strategies & working models to enhance legal officers’ performance & efficiency through interactive participation.


British & Irish Law Education and Technology Association (BILETA) Conference 2011

Location: Manchester, United Kingdom

Date: 11-12 April

The conference aims to cover a range of key issues including:

  • E-learning and legal education
  • Internet censorship and surveillance
  • Hacking and viruses
  • Google
  • Social networking

Location: Cardiff, United Kingdom

Date: 18-20 April

In addition to its traditional themes of exploring best practice in the provision and practice of legal education, this year’s conference seeks to add a comparative dimension by inviting delegates to explore best practice across borders and the extent to which such practices are universal or local and culturally dependent.

The topic streams are:

  • The Role of Culture in Legal Education
  • Importing and Exporting Conceptions and Practices of Pedagogy
  • Assessment: Equivalence and Effectiveness
  • Regulatory Frameworks: Aid or Anathema?
  • Staff Development & Career Progression

Location: Palm Springs, CA; United States

Date: 27-30 April

Topics areas include:

  • entry level and lateral lawyer recruiting (including topics such as interviewing) and integration
  • law school career counseling
  • lawyer professional development and training
  • law student professional development and professionalism
  • law student public counseling
  • lawyer career pathways
  • diversity and inclusion (particularly programs that focus on sustaining women and minorities in legal careers)
  • research on lawyers and legal careers
  • all areas of personal professional development.

Location: New Orleans, LA
Date: April 28
In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon Spill a lesson learned session will be held on issues like Enterprise Risk Management – Is your law firm prepared to face a major disaster?


Date: 16 May 2011

Location: The University of Warwick

Many teachers find international students less problematic to assess than UK students and more than a few say they are ‘a joy to teach’.  On the other hand, many have concerns linked to students’ varied language skills, background knowledge, and familiarity with UK assessment methods. This session concentrates on how teachers of law and related disciplines can assess students’ work and provide feedback, using practices that are fair, reliable and efficient.

The session draws on resources from the Teaching International Students’ project and provides opportunities for addressing participants’ practice, sharing ideas and considering problems.

Location: on-line

Date: 23 May 2011

Alumni events are a powerful first step to cultivating engagement and giving, but attendance at in-person events is leveling or falling off, creating challenges for building alumni loyalty. However, alumni still place a high value on contact with the former employer and colleagues. Alumni are a great source for knowledge and netwerking.

Legal organisations can offer their allumni professional development-focused events. Join us online to develop a low-cost, online programming series that will engage your alumni as both participants and presenters. Along with taking a look at technological considerations, you will learn how to:

  • Select the right topics to interest your alumni
  • Recruit and manage the right presenters to deliver your content
  • Market your programming appropriately
  • Assess your programming


Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Date: 18-23 September

Taxpayer education as a compliance tool is one of two topics of the 2011 conferene of the Commonwealth Association of Tax Administrators.

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