Instructional expertise

TrainWell: instructionally sound training
TrainWell considers instructional expertise as fundamental for succesful legal training. Traditionally, however, training focuses on legal expertise. Instructional expertise is neglected. This results in underperformance and unnecessary low rates of return on training.

TrainWell v. Tradition
Where does the TrainWell model differ from traditional training approaches?

Traditional legal training centers on participants listening to lectures from legal experts. Such training is experienced as interesting,  comfortable and as an opportunity for networking. However, evaluative research shows that traditional training is ineffective to achieve learning results at work. No long-term competence development is achieved.

TrainWell’s research based training models improve on three training components in the traditional forms of training:

  1. roles
  2. training proces
  3. motivation management.

As a result, training developed according to TrainWell training models achieves much higher results in terms of long term competency development.


Roles: Learner centered
The needs of the individual learner form the centre of all instructional activity. The legal instructor becomes the enabler of learning processes: The sage on the stage becomes the guide on the side.

Proces: Active problem solving
TrainWell believes in learning by doing. We designs training where the trainee remains cognitive active. The learner is constantly challenged to solve increasingly complex problems. Such problems are similar to the problems faced at work. The trainee has various forms of support available. During the training process the learner acquires problem solving strategies which results in his or her competence development.


Motivation is the fuel for learning. Therefore, Motivation management is one of the pillars for competence development. TrainWell ensures that training is engaging for the learners. No motivation means no l

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