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Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Date: 1-2 April

The conference brings together a diverse community from academia , research laboratories and industry interested in exploring the manifold challenges and issues related to Technology , Education and how current approaches and technologies can be evolved and adapted to this end.

The conference aims at enhancing and promoting technology, E- Learning education and computer supported education in under-developed countries like Nepal where most of the countryside is remote and far from access to modern tools and techniques that help people learn from a remote zone as well.

Date: 5-6 April 2011

Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands

  • E-learning trends
  • Tools en applications
  • Vision and strategy en strategie


Date: 18 April

Location: on-line

Social media tools, such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, are changing the way that students and faculty communicate, share ideas, and build networks. The interest in social media is quickly increasing, and as with many other technologies, the educational community is looking to harness the potential of these resources to improve teaching and learning.

While social media is popular, educators need to better understand how to use it to improve student learning, while being mindful of privacy concerns. At the conference we showcase some effective uses of social media in student learning. We’ll discuss ways to use social media to create experiential learning activities, improve student interactivity and engagement, and develop community and professional networks.


Location: Daar es Salaam, Tanzania

25-27 May

ELearning Africa, the Continent’s premier annual conference on ICT-enhanced learning will be showcasing a wealth of proposals that promise to stimulate thought and discussion. In line with the main theme – Youth, Skills & Employability – many proposals focus on the affordability, sustainability and pedagogical integration of ICTs in ways which can improve the learning, living and employment opportunities of young Africans.

Date: 22-25 May

Location: Orlando, Florida

Event for workplace learning and development professionals welcomes 8,000 attendees from more than 70 countries. These professionals manage all aspects of learning in their organizations. From CEO to specialist, from dean to student, ASTD 2011 welcomes people from across the globe.


Location: Portland, OR. United States
Date: 13-15 June 2011
In an effort to reduce costs and create leadership opportunities for students, campuses are increasingly turning to peer mentor programs as an ideal solution. The conference will highlight best practices across a variety of peer mentor programs, the steps to take when developing your peer mentor program, and assessment tools to determine the effectiveness of your program.
Higher education professionals who are hoping to implement a peer mentor program at their institution will benefit from this content. This conference is particularly well-suited for institutions who are in the exploratory or developmental stages of creating a peer mentor program, as attendees will leave the event with an implementation action plan. Teams are also encouraged to attend.
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Date: 15-17 June
One of the best conferences for developers of e-learning.


Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel

Date: 12 October

Business as usual is no longer so usual. We’re not so much in economic recovery as we are in organizational transformation. In today’s complex environment, the ability to adapt and change — to develop new innovations in product and process that lead to competitive advantage — is the key to success. For learning leaders, this “new normal” requires learning that is not reactive but adaptive. Chief Learning Officers play a crucial role in defining the new normal for the workforce and senior leadership, as well as for themselves.

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