Achieving learning goals requires applying proven learning principles. TrainWell combines research-based learning principles to ensure maximum improvement of job performance. The focus is on:

  • problem-solving competence
  • “learning by doing”.

Connect learning to practice
During training the “problem-solving competence” is acquired by solving authentic legal problems. Starting from simple problems, complexity progressively increases until the ultimate goal level of complexity is achieved. In doing so, the trainee integrates required skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Fading support
Trainees receive permanent support during problem solving on an as-needed basis. Such personal or online support is gradually withdrawn. Training ends when the trainee proves capbable of independently solving authentic legal problems on the predetermined level of complexity.

The trainee is the focal point of attention. The trainee’s behaviour and needs determine the course of instruction. In our approach the legal expert trainer often moves from being the “sage on the stage” to become the “guide on the side”, providing needed support and guidance.

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