How does TrainWell work?

Legal training and learning investments often fail to achieve intended improvement of job performance. TrainWell offers consultancy, workshops and tools to address this deficiency. These services focus on (1) learner activities (2) job requirements and (3) measurable results.

Learning by doing
Learner performance is pivotal, not just obtaining knowledge: lecturers should not keep on talking about something while trainees listen. Effective learning is activity-driven, not content-driven. Acquiring true competence requires developing problem-solving expertise.

Job focused
Learners acquire problem solving expertise by solving authentic job-focused problems. Crucially, learners receive all but only necessary support.  Collaboration with peers or experts helps learners integrate job-relevant new knowledge, skills and attitudes. Result: “battle-proven” professionals.

Measurable effects 
To measure is to know. Trainee and organisation benefit from practice-proven instructional knowhow that delivers improvement that can be measured. A three-step procedure WHAT, HOW and WHY  clears the route towards significant and measurable effect on job performance.

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