Motivation is the fuel for learning and should never be taken for granted.

The fuel
It is crucial for the learner to find a satisfying answer to the question: “Why should I do this?”. The learner’s reply determines the outcome of learning … whatever the quality of the other training or learning elements. If the learner does not feel the internal urge to learn, nothing moves.

Integrate motivation
TrainWell gives the highest priority to motivational design for training as well as to motivational management for trainers. We ensure your trainees are highly motivated to achieve the ultimate learning goals and apply their newly acquired competence back at work.

Meanwhile … back at work
To remain motivated, trainees returning to work need opportunities to use the newly acquired competences. Non-application results in forgetting, frustration and waste of resources. TrainWell helps organisations to ensure that trainees remain motivated once back on the job.

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