POWERPoint slides?


Mr. X had asked me to observe and comment on his teaching of law in class. Let’s just pick one point of improvement because we all tend to sin on this point frequently: How to use PowerPoint slides effectively?

It is so simple: PowerPoint slides should only show powerful points; maximum 3-4. Limit the amount of words on the slide to maximum of around 20. Less is more. Never use a PowerPoint slide as carriers of paragraphs of text.

PowerPoints slide should support your lecture; not the other way around. PowerPoint should enhance your lecture. You are in control, not PowerPoint.

Longer texts should be provided by referring to a separately distributed reader. In this reader the learner should find all relevant material needed to follow class and to retrieve useful information after class. In class the lecturer should regularly refer to the reader and use it actively in class.

The reader could contain for example:

  • commentaries to copies of the PowerPoint slides
  • explanatory material
  • relevant texts accompanying the slides
  • source material
  • advance organizers
  • self-tests (including clearly explained answers).

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