Instructional design improves training

TrainWell assists training institutes in boosting their client’s service: improve instructional competence to maximize learners’ job competence. Such improvement is achieved by increasing the effectivenessefficiency and the motivation of learning and instructional activities.

Motivating and job focused 
Legal training institutes lack proven instructional design practices for legal competences including problem solving, reasoning and legal creativity. TrainWell helps design, develop and implement courses, curricula and resources that stress such competences.

Legal experts 
A lecturer’s legal expertise is unrelated to his or her instructional expertise. Too often legal trainers are selected for their legal expertise only; insufficient instructional expertise is ignored. Subsequently, the lack of instructional expertise shows up in unsatisfactory transfer of legal expertise to the learner.

Legal instructors
TrainWell offers courses to increase the instructional qualities of legal experts. Your lecturers will be able to provide high impact meaningful and engaging training with longterm training results.